How do I choose the right jewellery design?

The true magic of jewellery is that it can transform any simple outfit into a special one! Different jewellery designs can add a pop of colour to your clothing combination, or they can make your face shine a bit more!

Let’s learn together how to choose the right jewellery design for every occasion. Here is my best advice:

How do I choose the right jewellery design?

  1. Necklines. Think of your shirt for a bit. What does the neckline look like? For V-neck, choose a triangle pendant. For a boat neck, let a long pendant or chain be your choice. And when it comes to ”turtleneck”, where it’s covered with clothes, skip necklaces and choose a cuff bracelet and earrings instead. For open neck dresses, the best is to opt for a mid-length beaded necklace.
  2. Only one focal piece. Okay ladies, when it comes to different jewellery designs, the best is to realize that less is often more. Love large and bold jewellery?That’s amazing! But keep in mind how you should always wear one piece of big and strong jewellery, and for the other parts of your body, the choice should be something tiny and simple.
  3. You, your culture, tradition, and preferences… Choosing the right jewellery design shouldn’t just be connected with fashion and beauty rules. Therefore, you should pick something that makes you feel special. A piece of jewellery that can speak for itself. Something long-lasting, that makes your heart shine whenever you wear it. Many ladies love to wear traditional jewellery as well because they express their cultures that way.
  4. The colours you love. As mentioned above already, you can choose the right jewellery by knowing which colours flatter your skin, hair, and eyes. ”Autumn” colours are the best for warm skin tones, while ”winter” colours suit cold and light skin types.

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